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Knowledge Management

Most of the studies suggest that a big chunk of organizational content has been created in the past few years, and the corporate houses are full and flooding with information than ever before. So far to turn this information into knowledge and deliver the right information at the right time to address critical business needs is still a challenge for the organisation. With rapidly changing demographics and employee fluctuations the knowledge loss is prevalent. To convert and trigger the collective brainpower of the organisation; and not just provide this information within the system, but also give them tools to better analyses & apply this knowledge into practice is a challenge.

Knowledge management is consciously and comprehensively gathering, organizing, sharing, and analyzing organizational knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills. At the same time enabling individuals, teams and entire organisation to collectively and systematically apply knowledge, to better achieve their objectives. It prevents staff from constantly “reinventing the wheel”, reduces the challenges during expert attrition and manages effectively large volumes of information to help employees serve better and faster.

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Velocis Km+, knowledge management solution, km plus, enterprise collaboration
Velocis Km+, knowledge management solution, km plus, enterprise collaboration

KM to maximise your intellectual capital and unify your knowledge base

Knowledge Management is a key concern of most organizations today because a majority of critical information is tacit in nature, confined within the minds of the employees and costing billions of dollars to organizations each year as it is neither shared nor retained. There is within every organization a goldmine of knowledge and information lying scattered with individual employees at various locations, hidden to the majority and waiting to be effectively utilized for the progress of the organization. KMS tries to accomplish this task of synergistically utilizing these nuggets to transform and energize the organization. KMS also attempts to break the silo mentality and help employees in not reinventing the wheel.

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Decision Making

Facilitate Decision-Making Capabilities

Learning & Sharing

Build Learning Organization by Learning Routine


Become self-sustainable & less prone to changes

Change Management

Stimulate Cultural Change and Innovation

Knowledge Management Solution

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A Complete Solution

From planning, design and development, deployment and adoption, security and support
A consolidated enterprise KM framework helping users leverage the collective knowledge of the enterprise

Knowledge Sharing

Creation and capturing the knowledge artefacts by employees with capability of approval work flow. Knowledge Enrichment - submission, evaluation & publishing

Knowledge Storage and Repository

A centralized knowledgebase to include all the knowledge assets.

Knowledge dissemination/replication

Use of shared knowledge by others, Increasing the reach to maximum stakeholders spread across organization.

Self Service Portal

Employees can resolve their issues or get their queries answered with the best possible solution that exists in the repository or can collaborate with others to resolve issues.

Velocis Km+, knowledge management solution, km plus, enterprise collaboration

Km+ Offerings

The engagement begins with an audit to determine needs, gaps & risks

Basis the assessment, solution customized/on-the-shelf is proposed

Implementation, Deployment & End User Adoption across the organization

Post Production Support

How Km+ Works

Km+ is built on either of the technology stacks namely IBM, Microsoft and Open Source

Technology Platforms


IBM Connection, WebSphere Portal


MS SharePoint

Open Source


Deployment Models

Available in 'Software as a Solution' (SaaS) and 'On-premise' models

Velocis Km+, knowledge management solution, km plus, enterprise collaboration

Km+ by Velocis

Velocis Km+, knowledge management solution, km plus, enterprise collaboration

Knowledge Sharing has always been a cause of concern for enterprises specially the capture of tacit knowledge which resides in the minds of employees and is prone to getting lost through transfers and attrition of the employees. Though companies have used various techniques to achieve this but still there is need for much more.

Velocis helps organizations to leverage IT for competitive advantage and to derive business value. Our competencies are Networks, Data Center, Collaboration, Mobility and Cloud. Velocis developed a Knowledge Management Solution that provides a collaborative tool to the client’s employees to generate, organize, refine and disseminate knowledge within the organization. Our latest attempt at building KM+ has been inspired by an analysis of the various KM initiatives attempted earlier and their results. Using a mix of technology, processes and human psychology we have come up with a solution which we offer for your use.
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Km+ Differentiators

At Velocis, we have an established KM practice comprising of experts in IT, operations, finance, sales and marketing to spearhead our journey to become a leading KM player in the industry.


Velocis brings 21 years of Technology Solutions Experience, a wider coverage across India and a strong pool of 1000+ IT Professionals onboard


KM+ solution deployed for more than 400,000 users across various functions & domains PAN India to support large enterprise & Indian government missions


Providing value to customer through expert practitioners helping develop best possible solution with concerted efforts & defined milestones


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